4 LNB Top Quality Quattro Coax Cable 100m Drum (Each cable is 6,9mm)

Artikelnummer: quattroC 100M a 6,9mm

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This cable could be used with quad LNBs, quatro LNBs, two twin LNBs, or 4 single LNBs.
Each cable is 6,9mm as so it fits our screw on F connectors and our compression fit F connectors.


Cable has meter markings.
Outside Diameter: 17 mm
4 different colors 
100 m on a wooden spool
Shielding (dB):> 90

Inner conductor 1,02 mm C.C.S.
Insulation 4,6 mm  FPE
1. Foil-shield:  double ALU-foil
1. Braided-shield: 96 x 0,12 mm ALU
Jacket: 6,9 mm / 17 mm PVC +/-0,2

Electrical properties
Characteristic impendance (OHM) 75 +/-3
Capacity (pF /m) 55
Velocity (v/c)  v/c 0,85

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