Codice articolo: AXING SSD 6-07

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Technical Details & Specifications

Dimensions(W x H x D) 68 x 68 x 40 mm
Connection attenuation (TV)7 dB

-07 = terminal type (7 dB)
-xx =loop-through type
  • suitable for return path 5?65 MHz
  • easy to mount, new and improved cable fixation,
    fold-away clamping-cover
  • extended F sockets
  • surface treated
  • user band 1-16 are factory-provided released; the socket is ready to-be-used
  • each socket can be allocated to one ore more user-bands; only those receivers which are set to the same user-band/bands have access to the selected program.
    Receivers set to other user bands or receivers which are not set to the "uni-cable" standard according to EN 50 494 /JESS can not disturb the system

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