Axas E4HD Linux FullHD E2 Sat Receiver

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Main features are strong 2K DMIPS processor Axas E4HD. Experience High Definition TV with your Axas E4HD.
Due to the built network interface is the Axas E4HD as IP-TV client the perfect complement to integration into your existing Linux device landscape.Of course, is possible through the fixed DVB-S2 tuner and any use beyond existing network.
Open-source Linux operating system (E2) 1x Conax card reader, Standby power consumption 0,5 watts.

2K DMIPS processor
Opera browser
HDMI 1.4 connection
1x DVB-S2 tuner
1x Smart Card Reader
2x USB
external IR sensor
External 12 V power supply
DVB-S2 Receiver
FULL HD 1080 p
750 MHz 2000 DMIPS) Broadcom processor
512 NAND Flash / 512 DDR3 RAM
Automatic search / manual search
DisEqC 1.0 1.1 1.2 USALS, Unicable support
Smart Card Reader
Innovative openATV OS
Multilingual menu
Pre-programmed lists of favorites
Many network functions
Web Interface for PC and Smartphone
Multi EPG
10/100 Mbit Ethernet port
Plug-in Download
automatic update functions
WiFi capable (optional)
Energy saving
Dimensions: 175 mm x 125 mm x 42 mm

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