Axing SSD 5-10 SAT transmission socket, Multi-functional 5 -2200 MHz

Codice articolo: Axing SSD 5-10

Categoria: 5-2400 MHz Sockets

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Product description

Multi-functional socket: SAT, BK and UNICABLE single-cable multi-switch antenna socket, via the IEC connections BK, terr., and radio signals can be received. In nickel-plated and highly shielded housing. Suitable for the frames and cover plates complying with the German standard (80 x 80 mm) of all well-known German switch material manufacturers.


  • Frequency range 5 - 2200 MHz
  • Reverse channel-compatible 5 - 65 MHz.
  • Attenuation 10 dB


  • Class A serviceable
  • Multipurpose Antenna socket for CATV, SAT and Unicable systems in accordance with EN 50494
  • Diode linked SAT connection
  • Expanded F socket (installation friendly)
  • New improved cable entry
  • Suitable for all usual switching programs (dt. standard).
  • Transmission sockets with low transmission loss suitable for Busch-Jaeger, Merten, Kopp, etc. Suitable cable of 0.63 - 1.13 mm inner conductor / 4.70 - 7.35 mm outer diameter

Technical Details & Specifications

Connection attenuation (TV)10 dB
Suitable for class AYes
Frequency range5 -2200 MHz
Decoupling (H/V)20 - 40 dB
ConstructionGateway socket
Dimensions(W x H x D) 68 x 68 x 39 mm
Radio connection attenuation10 dB
Attenuation10 dB
DC outletYes
Attenuation loss2,5 - 4,5 dB
Reverse channel5 - 65 MHz

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