Cabstone Car USB Charger adaptor for tablets and smartphones 12V/24V 2100 mA

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High Power USB Car Charger
mini power adapter for tablets

The small high power charging adapter is the simplest
method for providing a tablet or smartphone with up to
2.1 A of power in the car. The intelligent electronics
protect every connected device against short
circuits, overheating or power surges. The compact
design fits almost invisibly onto every dashboard, can
remain permanently in the cigarette lighter and is
easily pulled out again with the integrated little

- 2.1 A enough for power-hungry devices
- suitable for tablets, smartphones and other devices
- integrated electronic protection safeguards attached
- 12/24 V enables use in a car or truck
- foldable handle makes removal easier

input voltage12-24 V AC
output voltage5 V DC
max. current2100 mA
lenght42 cm
diameter32 mm
lenght45 mm
weight15 g

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