Chess DiSEqC Switch 2/1

Codice articolo: Chess DiSEqC Switch 2/1

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The DiSEqC switch provides switching for 2 satellite systems (for example Astra and Eutelsat), with a satellite receiver. The results of the inputs made by DiSEqC position. The switch requires no additional power supply. It is suitable for broadband LNBs.Mit LNBF and UV-resistant outdoor enclosure for outdoor mounting.

Technical Specification

Frequency range: 900 ~ 2400MHz
Through loss:> 4dB
Isolation:> 25dB
Remote voltage range: 12 - 18V
Remote load current: 25mA
Dimensions: 50 x 45 x 14mm
Size with weather: 118 x 87 x 43mm
Weight: 130g

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