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Dreambox DM 900 Ultra HD 4K PVR Linux Enigma2

DM900 ultraHD: the future is now   The first Ultra-HD Dreambox DM 900 Ultra HD 4K PVR Linux Enigma2 combines all the quality features for which the Dreambox brand is renowned worldwide: powerful hardware, enormous computing power as well a...
starting from 279,00 EUR *
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Dreambox DVB-S2X-MS MultiStream Tuner

The new Twin Silicon (2xS2X MS) tuner is compatible with Dreambox models DM820HD, DM7080HD, DM900UHD und DM920UHD. In an instant, Dreamboxes can be transformed into a powerful twin receiver with multi stream support. Whether multistream from Ital...
89,90 EUR *
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Dreambox DVB-C/T2 Dual Twin Tuner

For Dreambox DM 800 HD SE, DM 800 HD SE V2, DM 820 HD, DM 900 4k UHD, DM 920 4k UHD, DM 7020 HD, DM 7020 HD V2, DM 7080 HD, Goliath
77,90 EUR *
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Dreambox DVB-S2 FBC Twin Tuner (8 demodulators) for DM900 and DM920

The DVB S2 FBC Twin Tuner is compatible with the Dreamboxe DM900UHD, DM920UHD. The Dreambox FBC Tuner transform your box into a powerful twin-satellite receiver with 8 demodulators
99,00 EUR *
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74,90 EUR *
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Dreambox DM920 UHD 4K E2 Linux PVR Receiver

The new DM920 ultraHD is simply packed with superlative features: variable tuner configuration with FBC and Multistream based on an innovative Broadcom chipset, two CI slots that can be used in parallel, 8 GB flash memory as well as an HDD slot th...
starting from 349,00 EUR *
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Dreambox Triple 2X DVB-S2X / 1X DVB-C/T2 Tuner

The Triple Hybrid Silicon Tuner (2xS2X/1xC/T2) is compatible with the Dreamboxes DM820HD, DM7080HD, DM900UHD and DM920UHD. Turning dream boxes into a powerful twin-satellite receiver when used alongide and additional DVB-T/T2 or DVB-C tuner. The ...
99,90 EUR *
Available now!

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