Dreambox DVB-S2 Twin Silicon Tuner for DM820HD, DM7080HD, DM800se, DM7020HD, DM900

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New and exclusive for Dreambox users.....
..... and, already compatible for our next product Goliath

- Completely new DVB-S2 tuner development with latest Silicon Labs Technology

- Smalest dimensions, lowest heat development, and extremely low power consumption are keywords for this exciting new component.

- Input channels are internally linkable for one cable usage; you can watch multiple channels at same transponder whilst recording others

- lates fast scan technology implemented

- "blind scan" capability


1.Single-chip Two channels RF-to-baseband Satellite receiver
2.RF switches integrated
3.CMOS Fully integrated RF front end
4.Low noise and wide dynamic range zero-IF receiver
5.Input frequency range: 900 to 2200 MHz
6.Input signal level: -80 to 0 dBm
7.More than 80dB gain control range
8.Fully integrated PLL (dividers, charge pump, phase &frequency detectors, loop filters, etc.)
9.Integrated RX VCO
10.Integrated baseband LPF with selectable cut-off frequency from 4MHz to 40MHz with 1MHz step
11.Integrated LNA with RF AGC
12.Integrated reference oscillator (27MHz as default)
13.I2C bus interface
14.Automatic gain control
15.0.11m RF CMOS technology
16.3V to 3.6V operation
17.5×5 mm QFN40

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