EMP Multiswitch UNICABLE 8/1 Profi Line P.210-P

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Profi line UNICABLETM multiswitches

  • UNICABLETM multiswitches with an internal power supply are designed for the distribution of satellite signals from one or two satellite positions (up to 8 polarities) for up to 8 users. The great advantage is that all users are connected via single cable by means of wall sockets with DC-path. The components for terrestrial signal reception can easily be added (E.105-A).
    These multiswitches can be used only with a satellite receiver marked with an UNICABLETM logo. Each receiver has to be set to one of the communication frequencies (1 frequency for 1 receiver). The frequency table is printed on the multiswitch sticker.
    Special wall outlets for UNICABLETM distribution are available upon request.

    P.210-P (MS8/1(8)PIN-4)

  • 8in/1out UNICABLETM multiswitch for the distribution of satellite signals from 2 satellite positions and for up to 8 subscribers connected via one cable.

    Specifications of P.210-P (MS8/1(8)PIN-4)
    Frequency RangeLNB-Inputs 950-2150 MHz 
    Insertion Gain950-2300 MHz 8 dB avg
    Control DiSEqC protocol according to prEN50494, supported UNICABLETM technology
    SAT Inputs IsolationBetween V/H Polarisations 30 dB min
    Between Low and High Bands 30 dB min
    Between Sat Systems A and B 30 dB min
    Maximum Input Level*Sat. 85 dBµV avg
    Maximum Output Level*Sat. 93 dBµV avg
    Power ConsumptionFrom receiver 240 mA (12 V)
    From internal power supply LNB
    Dimensions (w,d,h [cm])26.5 x 15.2 x 8.7
    Temperature range-30 °C - +70 °C

    *Terr.: EN 50083-3/60dB IMA3 [dBµV]; SAT: EN 50083-3/35dB IMA3 [dBµV]


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