Easymouse 2 (Phoenix Smartmose) USB Premium Programmer

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* Smart Mouse Programmer for the Phoenix / Smart Mouse mode with 3.58, 6.00, 8.00, 10.00 and 12.00Mhz switch.
* Power of the Smart Card has an adjustable switch. (3.3V and 5V)
* Smart Mouse mode or Phoenix adjustable with a switch.
* FTDI chipset (the drivers are already included in most Linux or Windows applications)
* 2 LED indicators for activity cards (Traffic)
* Power supply and programming via USB. (Therefore, no external power supply needed).
* Mini USB cable is included.
* Suitable as an external card reader for the Dreambox, D-Box, Friz Box and other Linux and Windows applications.

What is Phoenix, Smartmouse?

There are today numerous software's on the internet that are used to communicate with different types of smartcards that follows ISO7816(T=0) standard such as WinExplorer.
Common for these programs are that they need a Phoenix- or a Smartmouse-interface to communicate with the smartcard.
The interface (really a very simple construction, it was originally created by hobbyists who wanted to communicate with smartcards)  transform the signal to/from the serialport of the computer to levels that the smartcard can handle.
Then an oscillator is provided to the card so it can handle the commands sent to it.Normally a oscillator at 3.579575MHz are used because the ISO7816-standard originally uses a speed that is "oscillator" divided with 372 that gives approx. 9600 bps.
The difference between Phoenix and Smartmouse is the polarity on the reset-signal.

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