Gibertini EC120-B Offset Treppenfeed mit C-120 Flange

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This is the Gibertini C120 Feed horn for offset focus dishes

Made by Gibertini but will fit all dishes C120 LNB's give better resistance to cross polarity interference and therefore can perform better than a standard LNB

The Gibertini dishes f/D is 0.67 - but if the f/D ratio of your Prime focus or offset dish is between 0.6 and 0.7 then this feedhorn is the right shape to give optimum performance

Using this Feedhorn with your Gibertini OP125 or OP150 you will get optimum performance from all components the LNB and the dish surface and this combination will give you better performancce than virtually any alternative

In addition when you buy and use Gibertini Dishes you are buying durability - because Gibertini dishes are precision made from materials which do not alter in any measurable way over a 10 year period

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