Global Invacom Fibre SQS Quatro Gateway Termination Unit

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The Global Invacom FibreSQS Quatro GTU accepts the signals provided by the SQS Stacker via the fibre PON, converts them back to satellite IF (950-2150MHz) presenting them on 4 x Fixed (VL,VH,HL,HH) F type outputs utilising the STB standard voltage and tone switching. (Q2/3)

The SQS takes up to 4 x 1GHz Satellite frequencies broadcast from standard DBS Satellites,it then stacks and converts these frequencies ready for outputting in an optical format via two lasers combined together running at 1550nm & 1530nm.
Using WDM technology the two optical wavelengths are combined and output via the optical FC/PC connector.
Without any further amplification the SQS is capable of running 64 points over a 10Km Passive Optical Network.
At any of the 64 connected points a Fibre SQS GTU can be located providing the terrestrial & satellite frequencies in either a Quatro(fixed frequency outputs)or Quad all 4 satellite & terrestrial format.

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