Global Invacom Fibre SQS Stacker

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Product Description

Designed to take 4 x 1GHz Satellite IF Signals from any standard DBS LNB, or multiple DBS LNB's & Digital Terrestrial/Radio broadcasts.

Frequencies are stacked using our stacking technology and output via DFB 1530/1550nm Lasers WDM'd together. Capable of feeding a standard 32 PON over 10Km

The FibreSQS Stacker has been designed to combine 4 satellite polarities, DTT, FM and DAB onto a single
optical output for distribution through a Passive Optical Network (PON) of 64 node points. The unit is
used to combine all 4 polarities from 1 satellite, or a mixture of 4 polarities from any 4 satellites (inputs
are colour coded with symbols to correctly identify each polarity at the FibreSQS Quatro GTU). DTT, FM
and DAB should be externally diplexed onto the Band 1 (Triangle) . FibreSQS Quad or Quatro GTUs can
be connected at any of the 64 node points.

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