Global Invacom FibreIRS® 2SATODU16

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 Product Description

Similar specifications as the standard FibreIRS ODU32 (only 16 points per outlet). 2SAT version is able to accept 2 x Wholeband LNBs, signals are modulated on to 1310 & 1550nm lasers then combined via WDM. Supplied with 2 x Wholeband LNBs & 2 x HF Interconnects + PSU. (Available end Q2)

Fully weatherproof, the 2SATODU16 is designed for mounting at the antenna location. It accepts & combines signals from two wholeband LNB?s & terrestrial antennas (DTT/DAB/FM). The combined signal is optically frequency modulated on to a laser inside the 2SATODU16 & then equally split to 2 optical outputs (FC/PC) for distribution through a Passive Optical Network (PON) of FibreIRS optical splitters. Each output of the 2SATODU16 can feed a PON of 16 points. Different FibreIRS GTU?s can be connected at any point (Quad and Quatro available). Maximum distance 1km

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