Global Invacom FibreIRS® ODU32 KIT 2m HF Interconnect cable, PSU, weather proof boots for the FC/PC

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The NEW FibreIRS ODU32 Kit includes all the FibreIRS equipment required, at the antenna location, to receive and transmit the digital IRS signals to 64 points.

This kit is ideal if the plan is to transmit both terrestrial aerial and satellite down the fibre cable. In conjunction with the Global Invacom Virtual Quatro Converter there is a standard terrestrail output or if the Virtual Quad Converter is used the terrestrial and satellite signals are combined and are separated by a quad plate or triplexing plate.

Key features:

Combines Wholeband LNB & DTT / DAB / FM Signals
Distributes Signals to 64 Outlets Via Two 32 Way PONs
Fully Weatherproof (IP65)
PSU, Mast Strap & Mounting Bracket Included
10km Reach
Fully weatherproof, the ODU32 is designed for mounting at the antenna location. It accepts and combines signals from the Wholeband LNB and digital terrestrial antennae (DTT/DAB/FM) which then modulates a laser inside the ODU32. Two optical outputs (FC/PC) are provided for distribution through a Passive Optical
Network (PON) of FibreIRS Optical Splitters. Each output of the ODU32 can feed a PON of 32 points or with reduced splits support a reach of 10km.

The kit contains, Wholeband LNB, FibreIRS® ODU32, 2m HF Interconnect cable, PSU, weatherproof boots for the FC/PC connections & FC/PC Terminator if only one output is used.

Technical Specification:

- Input Frequency Range - 0.95-3.0GHz Vertical Polarisation, 3.4-5.45GHz Horizontal Polarisation
- Output Frequency Range - 0.95-5.45GHz via modulated laser
- Optical Output Power - 7dBm typical
- Input Frequency Range - 217-230MHz (DAB), 470-854MHz (DTT)
- Output Frequency Range - 217-854MHz via modulated laser
- Optical Output Power - 7dBm typical
DC Specification
- Power Supply (PSU) Voltage - 20V
- LNB Supply Voltage - 6V
- Current Consumption - <500mA (including Wholeband LNB)
- Outputs - FC/PC
- Satellite Input - N Connector
- DTT/DAB Input - F Connector
- PSU - F Connector

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