Global Invacom FibreMDU OPTICAL LNB & PSU signals to 32 distribution Points

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 This innovative new design uses patented technology to frequency stack both horizontal and vertical polarities,
creating a single IF frequency range of 950MHz - 5.45GHz. The newly created single band is then frequency
modulated optically and output using a 1310nm laser internal to the Optical Output LNB.

Powered separately the Optical LNB takes the required <450mA from a standard 12v supply utilising a standard
female F type connector.

Fibre connection is made via a standard FC/PC connector feeding the passive distribution network on single mode
fibre optic cable.
With an optical output of +/- 6.5 dBm the FibreMDU Optical Output LNB is easily capable of driving up to 32
FibreMDU converters (see FibreMDU specification sheet) located within a 10km radius.

-Converts all 4 Universal IF bands
to a single optical output
(H/H - H/L - V/H - V/L = Single Optical Output)

-Capable of supplying all converted
signals to 32 distribution points
spread over a 10 kilometre radius

-40mm Feed Horn or C120 Flange
versions available

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