Global Invacom FibreMDU OPTICAL LNB & PSU signals to 64 distribution Points

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This qualitatively high-quality Universally LNB moves the received satellite signals in digital light waves. The transference to the single distributors and final components occurs about fiber glass cable. Fiber glass cable has nearly no damping! Only approx. 0.3dB on 1 km!!!
This LNB with optical exit is thereby suited just by the arrangements by which long signal ways exist.
The LNB has an optical connection (Typ:FC / PC) and a fa connection. Over the fa connection the LNB is supplied by external 12 V of net part with stream. The net part is included in delivery.
About the optical exit all 4 Sat levels will transfer. Besides, the signals are "stacked" and in a frequency response of 950 MHz - 5450 MHz transfer.

Technical data:
LNB Type: Universally Digitally LNB with optical exit
Input frequency area: 10.70 - 12.75 GHz
Frequency response vertically low: 0.95 - 1.95 GHz
Frequency response vertically high: 1.95 - 3.00 GHz
Frequency response horizontally low: 3.40 - 4.40 GHz
Frequency response horizontally high: 4.40 - 5.45 GHz
Wavelength of the optical unity: 1310 nm
Optical output: 7.0 dB
Drunkenness measure: 0.dB
Change strengthening: 75 dB
Tension care: 12 V about external net part
Feedaufnahme: 40 mm
Surroundings temperature:-30°C to + 60°C

Locally oscillator (L.O).
L.O. Frequency vertically: 9.75 GHz
L.O. Frequency horizontally: 7.30 GHz

Optical exit: FC / PC
Tension care: Fa coupling

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