Global Invacom OptiScan MKII

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Product Description

Satellite IF & Optical Power Meter, designed for use with GI-O'LNB, enables accurate alignment and PON network testing in dBuV & dBm


Scan: Full band 950 to 2150 MHz scan or down to 160MHz at full zoom
Range: RF input level range 40 dBuV to 90 dBuV Optical range +6 to -25 dBm.
Accuracy: typically +/- 1 dB.
MER: (SNR) Pass 8dB or more. Marginal 6-7 dB fail less than 5 dB
BER: Pass must be greater than 1E-3
Input: 75 ohm BNC . BNC to F adaptor supplied . Optical type MC
DiSEqC : Version 1.2 compatible, any DISEqC can be generated.
On screen battery indicator: Battery life 5 hours when powering a typical LNB
Charge time: 12 hours with auto regulation to ensure the unit does not overcharge
Weight: 500 g
Size: 243 mm by 125 mm by 55 mm deep
Favourite channels: Storage of up to 99 favourites
Accessories supplied: Mains charger BNC to F adaptor
& Carrying cover.

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