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Optical to RF convertor (Satellite and FM,DAB,DTT )
Compatible with SKY Q, EN50494, EN50607, SKY SCR
SKY Classic/Legacy
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
LED Status indication for diagnostics
Discrete stylised design for home installs

The dSCR GTU converts optical power to RF power (4 satellite bands and FM,DAB,DTT ). Terrestrial
signals are overlaid onto both output ports. All units have built in AGC which allows a wide dynamic
range of optical levels without affecting output power and quality. One LED indicator allows the user to
monitor the status of the unit. Able to work in legacy, analogue SCR (aSCR) and digital SCR (dSCR)

Technical Specifications
Satellite (Electrical)
Parameter Min Max Notes
RF frequency range (MHz) 950 2150
Output impedance 75?
Return loss 10dB
Gain variation across band 10dB
Nominal output level (Legacy) 75dBµV *
Nominal output level (dSCR) 72dBµV
Terrestrial rejection 35dB
* additional variation can occur due to satellite transmitted signal levels.

DTT, DAB & FM (Electrical)
RF frequency range
Nominal impedance 75?
Return loss 8dB
Nominal DTT output 71dBµV For 6 multiplexes
Gain variation across band 5dB
950-2150MHz rejection 35dB
DC specification
Input voltage 20V
Current consumption 430mA max
Output F x 2
Power supply 2.1mm Jack
Optical input FC/PC
Environmental Specification
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C
Size (W x H x D) 134mm x 105mm x 43mm excluding plastics (136mm x 135mm x 46mm inc plastics)
Weight 450g excluding PSU

Easy upgrade and maintains existing signal levels. Supports legacy, SCR and dSCR, Freesat+ & Sky+. No additional powering or earthing required.

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