High Quality coax- antenna cable, 4x shielded, CCS, 120 dB - 100 Meter

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High Quality Coaxial cable 120dB

The High Quality coaxial cable stand for high standards and combine excellent electrical properties with an extremely high screening. The coaxial cables run through permanent controls by international standards such as quality, safety, the use of environmentally materials, to satisfy the expectations of the customer. All this guarantees top quality and high durability.

Each coaxial cable has a meter imprint on the outer jacket. A simple and easy separation per meter is possible.

coax- antenna cable, 4x shielded, CCS, 100m

for digital SAT- equipment, on a simple cardboard cable spool

  • digital-ready for HDTV using DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2
  • quadruple signal shield for particular protection over long distances
  • meter scaling on the cable simplifies building installation
  • delivered on a simple cardboard cable spool
Technical Data
  • Cable
  • Meter scalingyes
  • Cable sheath diameter6.9 mm
  • Cable typeround cable
  • Cable length100 m
  • Inner conductor materialCCS 15 (15% copper-clad steel)
  • inner conductor, core diameter1.1
  • Number of shieldings4
  • Type 1, shieldingfoil (aluminum)
  • Type 2, shieldingbraid (aluminum) 64x
  • Type 3, shieldingfoil (aluminum)
  • Type 4, shieldingbraid (aluminum) 64x
  • Dielectric diameter4.6
  • Shielding efficiency120 dB
  • Signal transmission
  • Impedance75 O
  • Attenuation at 20 ° C
  • 100 MHz5.9 >dB/100 m
  • 200 MHz8.7 >dB/100 m
  • 300 MHz10.4 >dB/100 m
  • 500 MHz12.8 >dB/100 m
  • 800 MHz18.9 >dB/100 m
  • 1.000 MHz21.5 >dB/100 m
  • 1.350 MHz25 >dB/100 m
  • 1.750 MHz31.1 >dB/100 m
  • 2.050 MHz31.8 >dB/100 m
  • General
  • Colorwhite
  • Weight4978 g

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