Invacom Universal Single LNB 0.3dB Horn - SNH-031

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Invacom SNH-031 Universal Single LNBF 0.3dB

Simply the Best! Incredible 5 year Warranty!

Invacom SNH-031 is a ultra low noise figure of 0.3dB improving reception quality where signal is limited.

Each LNBF is shipped with the graphed results of the individual tests performed on each LNBF before leaving the factory.

Input frequency
Low Band 10.7 - 11.7 GHz
High Band 11.7 - 12.75 GHz

Output Frequency
Low Band 950 - 1950 MHz
High Band 1100 - 2150 MHz
Noise Figure 0.3dB typ
Gain 50 - 60 dB
Gain Ripple
26MHz bandwidth <+/- 0.5 dB
Low Band <5 dB typ
High Band <5 dB typ

Local Oscillator Frequency
Low 9.75 GHz
High 10.6 GHz

Local Oscillator Phase Noise typ
1kHz -65 dBc/Hz
10kHz -95 dBc/Hz
100kHz -110 dBc/Hz

Local Oscillator Stability
including Setting, aging and +/-1 MHz typ temp. drift) +/-2 MHz max

Current Consumption
185mA typ
Image Rejection >40 dB
Cross polar isolation
>20 dB
High to low band isolation >25 dB
Two tone 3rd order intercept point (output) >15 dBm
Output Connector Female f type
Impedance 75 Ohm
Return Loss >10 dB
Operating temperature -40 °C to 70°C

Storage temp range
-40 °C to 70°C
Power Supply 13 - 17v

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