Invacom Universal Twin LNB 0.3dB C120 Flange - TWF-031

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A high performance universal LNB with 2 outputs, for dishes supplied with their own feed-horn. Typically used with motorised dishes, or where the signal strength is poor.

Please note that if you are UK based just looking for a straight forward LNB for your zone 1 or 2 dish. This is a high-end LNB for use on specific dishes in areas with poor signal strength and isn't compatible with the zone 1 or 2 dish.

Input Frequency - 10.7 - 12.75 GHz
Output Frequency - 950 - 2150 MHz
Noise Figure - 0.3dB typical
Gain - 50 - 60dB
Interface - C120 flange, 18.5 Ø
Ideal dish F/D - N/A

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5 di 5 The Best LNB ever found!

This LNB is the best LNB I ever found!
Initially, noting the NF value of 0.3 I thought it had not a such high quality compared to other normal LNB with 0,1 NF but after test I've found it much much more superior in total quality, mainly the phase noise is very low resulting in a superior overall quality.
I suggest it to everybody to be used in weak area or with small diameter dish.
Thank you Invacom!

Entrate totali: 1

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