Medialink Smart Home ML1100 S2 Full HD Sat FTA IPTV Etehrnet Adapter Satellite Receiver

Codice articolo: ML1100WLNT

Categoria: Ricevitori HDTV

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Medialink 1100 S Smart HOME S2 FTA + IPTV with ETHERNET

CPU 667 MHz / SDRAM 2Gb / 128Mb Flash, Wifi support, MPEG

The all-rounder now operate with SmartTouch RCU function, making it possible to the receiver via Android smartphone.

Key Features
Full HD (HDTV 720P, 1080i, 1080P)
MP3, Video and Image files support
Media Player with support for AVI, DIVX, MKV, XVID, MP4, SWF and other popular formats
Networking with SAMBA, FTP, N32 games, Google Maps, Picasa
Hardware Blind Scan
12 favorite lists
Channel List Editor
Channel lists and software update via Internet or USB interface
EPG Electronic Program Guide
Timer programmable via EPG

Web-based data
SAMBA (allows access to all shared media on your home network)
DLNA DMP & DMR (eg allows access to mobile devices)

FTP client (used for managing data in the home network. Eg copy, delete)
Google Maps
Web album: Picasa, Flickr and Yupoo
Native32 Game Store
Yahoo Weather
M3U playlist playback from USB media
News Portal (Sport1, and many more)
RedTube (with parental lock)

Technical specifications:
Network connections:
Ethernet: RJ-45 (10 / 100BASE-T) LAN port

IF / Tuner:
DVB-S2 Tuner
CPU 667 MHz
DDR Ram 256MB

Input frequency: 950-2150 MHz

Peso di consegna:1,80 Kg

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