Megasat Multifeed Twin LNB 0,1 dB

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Megasat Twin LNB Multifeed

Slim and compact design for multi-feed systems

The Megasat multifeed LNB series is specialy designed for multi-feed systems. The slim and compact design allows the LNBs closely aligned to each other. Therefore, it receives satellites with 3 ° spacing . An reliable professional-quality LNB for your viewing pleasure.

  • suitable for 2 users
  • perfect for multi-feed systems
  • 0.1 dB noise figure
  • weather resistant
  • 60dB signal gain

  • users:
  • sat-levels:
  • noise figure
  • frequency range:
  • oscillator frequency:
  • signal amplification:
  • properties:
  • additional function:
  • feed diameter:
Multiswitch integrated
0.1 dB
10.7 - 12.75 GHz
9.75 - 10.6 MHz
extreme heat and cold resistant
Rubber bushing for F-connector (weather protection)
23mm (incl. adapter ring 40mm)

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