Modulo Alphacrypt Light

Codice articolo: AlphaCrypt Light CAM

Irdeto Common Interface CAM compatible with Irdeto I, Irdeto II and BetaCrpyt.

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The CI module for the Pay TV beginner.
DD MTD (x4) able, decrypt up to 4 TV Channels simultaneously (Number of tuners and CI module is provided)
Ideally also for PVR´s and PC TV cards
Functions with every CI receiver,
equal whether cable or satellite

already 2 decodings systems standard.
For German-speaking and foreign programs.
Updates of the module software over satellite (Astra)
integrated child and youth protection function, also for future medium services.
Upgrade on full version with, for example Irdeto, Conax and CryptoWorks, always possible (with costs).
K09/D09 cards are not operable!

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