Outdoor Coax- Antenna Cable 100 dB , 2x shielded, CCS, 100 m

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UV and water resistant, for laying in the outdoor-/earth area
outer sheath suitable for running in the ground or on walls
digital-ready for HDTV using DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2
double signal shield for adequate protection over long distances
meter scaling on the cable simplifies building installation

Technical Data:

Cable type coaxial cable
Cable length 100 m
Inner conductor material CCS 21 (21% copper-clad steel)
Dielectric diameter 4.8
Meter scaling yes
inner conductor, core diameter 1.1
Cable sheath diameter (approx.) 6.8 mm
Number of shieldings 2 x
Type 1, shielding foil (aluminum)
Type 2, shielding braid (aluminum) 128x
Shielding efficiency 100 dB
Signal transmission
Impedance 75 O


Outer sheath material PE
Color black
Weight 4923 g

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