Protek 9911 LX E2 Linux 1x DVB-S2 Tuner HDTV Full HD HEVC 265 Receiver

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The brand new E2 Linux receiver Protek 9911 LX is the successor of the Protek 9910 LX now with better processor and H.265 HEVC support. The main feature is the 750 MHz strong processor with the Broadcom chipset 73625 combined with 512 MB flash memory and additional 512 MB DDR3 RAM.
Experience HighDefinition TV with your Protek 9911 LX.

The fast processor ensures fast switching times and a liquid and stable operation.
By default, a DVB-S2 tuner is permanently installed and can be supplemented by an additional Plug & Play tuner for satellite, cable or DVB-T and T2 HD, in order to adapt the product to your needs.

Thanks to the integrated card reader and the module slot you can increase the program multiplication. With the numerous audio and video outputs, many options are provided for a perfect television experience.
Thanks to the Open Source E2 Linux operating system, many adjustments are possible to your needs.

Due to the large flash memory you have the possibility to install different skins for the user interface or a huge selection of plugins and settings. You get a very high quality paired with countless features at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Technical specifications:
Full HD DVB-S2 satellite receiver
Linux E2 operating system
750 MHz Dual-core processor BCM73625
HEVC265 support
512MB NAND Flash 512MB DDR3 RAM memory
Optional Plug & Play Twin Tuner (DVB-S2 or DVB-C / DVB-T2 HD)
2 x USB 2.0 ready
4-digit display
Network connection LAN
Smart Card Card Reader
Common Interface for CA modules
Linux plug-in downloads
HbbTV & IPTV ready

Protek 9911 LX HD HEVC265 E2 Linux Receiver

With 1x Sat tuner (2nd tuner selectable)
(BCM chip 73625, 750 Mhz, HEVC265, 512 MB flash, 512 MB RAM, 2x USB, card reader, CI slot, CI +, SAT-IP, power switch, LAN, etc.)


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