Renewal MaaxTV LN4000, LN5000 Arabic Greek IPTV Subscription 12 Months

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Renewal MaaxTV LN4000, LN5000 and LN6000 Arabic Greek IPTV Subscription 12 Months

Twelve month subscription renewal facilty for existing MaaxTV LN4000, LN5000 and LN6000 Arabic Greek IPTV viewers

Purchasing this item includes 12 months prepaid subscription to the Maax TV service. Once the order has completed you will receive an activation code giving access to the Maax TV service for a further 12 months.
No tangible goods will be sent.

Maax TV now offers over 1500 Arabic, African and Middle Eastern channels over IP in HD quality via your broadband connection. Instead of receiving television or video by terrestrial or satellite methods Maax TV IPTV is received via your broadband connection of 2Mbps or higher. The package includes 12 months access to the very best in entertainment, movies, sports, comedy, music, news and much more. In addition you get access to many popular Arabic radio stations.

Maax TV Requirements:

    Broadband connection (recommended 2Mbps download speed or better)
    TV set with either HDMI or composite a/v inputs
    Zaap TV set top box

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