Selfsat IP 36 Flat Antenna

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With the SAT>IP flat antenna can all freely receivable programs streamed on mobile or SAT>IP-enabled devices (max. 8 devices). The SAT>IP signals are routed to the existing Internet router, which transmits the signals via LAN or WLAN to the devices. The router must support the wireless standard 801.11ac, to ensure optimal image quality. The antenna offers the SAT>IP function, two other universal outputs that can be connected directly to a conventional set-top box. The flat antenna is the ideal solution to receive space-saving and inconspicuous satellite television. The flat and compact design makes the flat antenna (almost) invisible.


    Universal Twin LNB
    1x Ethernet output (SAT> IP function)
    2x Universal output (Set-top box direct operation)
    8 simultaneous program selection (SAT>IP)
    App for mobile devices: Elgato (Android and iOS)
    Software for Windows: DVB Viewer
    Input frequency band: 10.7 ? 12.75 MHz
    Signal gain: max. 33.7 dBi @ 12.7 GHz
    LNB output frequency: 950 ? 2150 MHz
    IP protection class: IP 54
    Temperature range: ? 30 ° C to + 60 ° C

Logistic Data


    Width: 558 mm
    Height: 328 mm
    Depth: 58 mm
    Weight: 4.7 kg




    Article-No.: 200186
    EAN: 3700433836005

Actual dimensions and weight may vary depending on configuration and manufacturing process.

    Selfsat>IP 36
    Mast and balcony bracket
    LAN cable
    PoE adapter
    Screw set

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