Selfsat Snipe Air - Wi-Fi Flat Satellite Antenna for Outdoor

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All of us have more fun with Snipe Air
Offering you satellite broadcasting with up to 8 smart devices wirelessly wherever you go

Wi-Fi Flat Satellite Antenna for Outdoor
SNIPE Air is the perfect solution for outdoor life

The smallest but powerful
Small SNIPE Air performs equivalent to 60cm big dish antenna. Better performance in smaller size

Mounted on various vehicles durably
Easy installation on any kind of vehicles such as motorhome,, camping car or caravan. User can simply control a main unit on the roof using connected controller in a car.


Size (W x D x H)

515 x 355 x 192 mm


LNB Output Frequency

950~2,150 MHz


12.5 kg


Angle Range (Elevation / Azimuth / Skew)

15°~90° / 360° / -60°~+60°

Wirelessly Operating Channels

8 Channels at the same time


Search Speed(Elevation / Azimuth / Skew)

11.5° / s 25° / s 15° / s

LNB Output

1 legacy


Satellite Searching Time

180 seconds (max)


50 dBW


Power Requirement

70W (In searching)


Linear (Horizontal / Vertical)


Input Voltage

DC 12~24V

Antenna Gain

33.7 dBi @ 12.7GHz


Operating Temperature


LNB Input Frequency

10.70~12.75 GHz


Wireless Connection

Supporting IEEE 802.11 AC complaint

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Peso dell'articolo:12,50 Kg

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