SmartBee 3,579 Mhz Serial RS-232 Programmer

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Smart mouse Bee RS232 Serial

 This programmer programmer is one of the Smallest Smartcard programmers availabe on the market. It works in Phoenix (Reset Mode) at the fixed frequency of 3,579 Mhz  (depending or purchased version). It does not need any external power supply but simply connecting the USB Cable to the USB port it will get the power supply from there with no need to install any kind of driver on your computer. This simple but strong programmer works with all the softwares around operating at the fixed frequency choosen and in Phoenix Mode. No compatibility problems. Two Led will help you to understand when the programmer is powered on (Red Led) and the when Datas as trasmitted or receiver (Green Led). Tiny, fast, compatible and easy to use this is the simple programmer you were looking for with a very aggressive external design. Dimension: 47,00 mm/1,85 inches * 66 mm/2.6 inches * 11 mm/0.44 inches Weight: Approx. 35 Gr. including Cable. Cable connection: Rs-232 for programming & USB for Power Supply. Prog. Mode: Phoenix. Op. Freq.: Single: 3,579 Mhz (SmartBee vers. 3579) Led: * 1 Green Data * 1 Red Power Supply Card Detect: Yes Drivers/Software: No Need

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