Spaun SMS 9949 NF 9/4 Cascadeable Basic Multiswitch

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Spaun SMS 9949 NF 9/4 Cascadeable Basic-Multiswitch

Basic multiswitch for 8 SAT IF signals
4 subscribers


As standalone switch for 4 subscribers, for extension

with SMK 99x9 F (page 19), as post

amplifier or as end of line multiswitch to

terminate the cascadable system.


  • 8 SAT-IF inputs and 1 passive terrestrial input, 4 receiver outputs and 9 trunkline outputs

  • Integrated energy-saving switching power supply U~: 100 ... 240 V / 50 ... 60


  • Return path compatible


  • Standby mode

  • Standby mode, even with cascaded extension SMK 99x9 F, activation via trunkline

  • A special amplifier / filter design improves the intermodulation properties of the multiswitch considerably

  • The multiswitch support DiSEqC 2.0. Bidirectional communication between receiver and multiswitch is possible

Datasheet: PDF


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