Stinger USB Dual Smartcard Reader

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Double Smartcard Programmer and Smartcard Logger.

The Stinger USB is an innovative USB Smartcard reader and write with an exclusive design.
It is ideal for developers and hobbist who want to have a quick approach to Smartcard exploration.
The Stinger USB is the first MCU controlled Smartcard reader who can control two Smartcard readers simultaneously.
Stinger USB is working on Windows OS, MAC OSX and Linux OS through the Virtual COM Port Emulation. No more need for custom software or drivers to control this powerful Smartcard Reader.

Stinger USB is now a Smartcard Logger with Automatic Clock detection. Read more on developers Guide 


Two Smartcard supported at the same time through USB Virtual COM port.
Multi Frequency. Supported frequencies: 3.43 Mhz, 4Mhz, 4.80 Mhz, 6.00 Mhz, 8.00 Mhz,12.00 Mhz.
Dedicated configuration GUI software running on Windows and Mac OSX.
No need for dedicated drivers. FTDI chip drivers are natively supported on Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.
No need for external power supply. Self powers from the USB port.
Extremely flexible and configurable thanks to powerful ARM embedded microcontroller at 50Mhz speed.

System requirements:

? Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating System

? Mac OSX 10.7.x or higher.

? Linux


Smartreader, smargo, dual, cardreader, cardsharing

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