Technisat Earth Bonding Bar 5

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Categoria: Surge protector and potential equalisation

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In- and outgoing antenna cable and additional components of the dish or a small head end need to be included in the potential equalization of the house. With the TechniSat Earth bonding bar this can be managed easily. The earth bonding bar is equipped with first-class F-double sockets with a very high operating loss of more than 30 dB. The grounding terminal is double allocatable with a ground wire of up to 25mm².
To connect the coaxial cable to the earth bonding bar we recommend to use TechniSat F-compression connectors or F-Self-Install? connectors.

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Item no.0000/5765

General characteristics

Top featuresFrequency range up to 3 GHz
Top features5 Connectors
Top featuresWith high quality double F-sockets
Top featuresFor earthing of multiswitches or amplifiers

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