Technisat Intermediate Amplifier 9 Z2

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The amplifier TechniSat 9Z2 has been especially developed in order to compensate for greater cable lengths. To this end the amplification in the Sat-field is designed in such a way that the damping of 60 m TechniSat CoaxSat 2150 or 40 m TechniSat multimedia cable is compensated for.
With the assistance of this booster amplifier even very large cable lengths can be coped with. The amplification of the terrestrial signal is individually adjustable in order to avoid reciprocal influence with the Sat- frequency range.

Article information

Item no.0002/3231


Sat15 ... 20 dB
Return path-1 dB
Terrestrial7 ... 14 dB


Trunks50 dB


Ambient temperature-25 ... 55 °C

General characteristics

Top featuresGleiches Rastermass der F-Buchsen wie GigaSwitch 9/8 und TechniRouter 9/8
Top featuresRückkanaltauglich von 2...68 MHz
Top featuresOptionale Stromversorgung über Steckernetzteil
Top featuresKompensiert die Dämpfung von bis zu 60 m Koaxkabel

Power consumption

In operation5.5 W

Power supply

Power consumption340 mA
Mains adapterexternal
Nominal voltage15 V
LNB power supply850 mA

Reception range

Terrestrial87 ... 790 MHz
Sat950 ... 2150 MHz
Return path2 ... 68 MHz

Technical data

Satellite inputs8
Terrestrial input1

Scope of delivery

Line Amplifier 9Z2, Manual

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