Technisat Passive Splitter 5 P

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With a damping of a maximum of 4 dB there hereby takes place a power division of the signals of the four satellite ZF levels and of the terrestrial signal onto two outputs. In order to prevent a reciprocal influence of the mains adaptors providing the feed-in one output is DC-voltage decoupled.


This component is only compatible with the TechniSystem 5/8 (G and K)

Article information

Item no.0000/3242


Output40 dB
Trunks55 dB


Ambient temperature-25 ... 55 °C

General characteristics

Top featuresKeine Stromversorgung nötig - Gerät ist passiv
Top featuresGleiches Rastermass der F-Buchsen wie TECHNISWITCH und TECHNISYSTEM
Top featuresVerteilt eine Stammleitungstrasse auf 2 Trassen mit nur 4 dB Dämpfung

Reception range

Sat950 ... 2150 MHz
Terrestrial47 ... 862 MHz

Technical data

Satellite inputs4
Terrestrial input1

Transmission loss

Terrestrial4 dB
Sat4 dB

Scope of delivery

Passive Splitter 5P

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