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TechniSelect 12 permits to choose any 12 transponders from 4 Sat IF banks (e.g. all banks of one orbital position) and combine them for distribution over a single cable. Therewith classic TV cabling infrastructure as often encountered in residential blocks or hotels can easily be converted to, or extended by, digital satellite TV (of course in HD, too). A very large number of subscribers can thus be catered for via a single shared cable DTV and FM stereo can be
distributed as well.
Recommended are TechniSat receivers that come with suitable predefined setup. Nevertheless, in principal any STB or TV suitable for digital Sat can be configured accordingly. Antenna outlets for Sat TV with integrated DC separation diodes have to be used. TechniSelect12 is factory preset for the most popular Astra 19° East programmes. This preselection, however, may easily be modified via USB port using a laptop.

Article information

Item no.0000/3299


Trunks30 dB


Humidity10 ... 75 %
Ambient temperature-25 ... 55 °C

General characteristics

Top featuresMessausgang -20 dB
Top featuresStromsparfunktion
Top featuresEingang zum Empfang von Terrestrischen Signalen
Top features4 vollwertige Receiverausgänge oder Sat-Stämme
Top featuresEinspeisung von digitalen Sat-Signalen in vorhandene Kabelstrukturen

Power consumption

In operation11 W

Power supply

Mains adapterinternal
Nominal voltage230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Vertical power supply13 V
LNB power supply400 mA

Reception range

Sat950 ... 2150 MHz
Terrestrial80 ... 790 MHz

Single-cable output

Output level105 dBµV
Frequency DVB-T80 ... 790 MHz
Output frequency80 ... 2150 MHz
Number of output channels12
Frequency of the output channels974, 1076, 1178, 1280, 1382, 1484, 1586, 1688, 1790, 1892, 1994, 2096 MHz
Output level12 ... 20 dB
Frequency SAT950 ... 2150 MHz

Technical data

Terrestrial input1
Satellite inputs4
Subscribers per cable50
Number of cable connections1

Transmission loss

Terrestrial-20 ... -12 dB

Scope of delivery

TechniSelect 12, manual, CD-ROM with TechniSelect Configuration Tool, USB-cable

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