Telestar SKYROPA 3 digital transmission / reception system for the wireless transmission

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The SKYROPA 3 is a digital transmission / reception system for the wireless transmission
picture and stereo sound signals and a remote control. It provides maximum comfort
and the use of existing video and audio equipment allows in other areas. This allows the transmitter are available in any given area, and distribute the desired signals wirelessly to the receiver. The picture and sound are here without a cable connection in the 5.8 GHz range through walls transmitted through it. The SKYROPA 3 converts the signals of your IR
Remote control in 434 MHz radio signals, it can be controlled remotely through walls, the appropriate device.

device properties
- 5.725 ... 5.865 GHz transmission frequency
- 8 channels selectable
- Wireless transmission of video and stereo audio with 5.8 GHz transmission technology
- Wireless transmission of signals from existing remote control
- 434 MHz return channel for remote control of devices with existing remote control
- Transmit Power: 10 dBm
- High-quality FM modulation
- Maximum range: 100m in open space, 20 - 30 m indoor
- Color: matte black

- 1 channel for audio-visual and IR signals
- A receiver for audio-visual and IR signals
- 2 power adapters (9V), transmitter / receiver
- 2 video and audio cable (RCA)
- 2 RCA Scart adapter plug

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