Viaccess Orca Dual Descrambling Secure ACS 5.0 Cam

Codice articolo: Viaccess Orca ACS 5.0 Cam

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Latest version secure Viaccess CAM manufactured by SMiT for use with Viaccess encrypted services and compatbile with ALL types of Viaccess encryption including old non-secure versions (Viaccess 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) and latest secure versions as used by French broadcaster BIS. Features dual descrambling technology which is particularly suited to todays PVR: Watch the movie of the moment whilst recording your favourite show on a different channel.

The Viaccess CAM is compatible with programme services like BIS TV France, beIN Sport France, Satisfaction TV, Redlight TV, AB Sat France, RTVi Russia, TVR Romania, Brazzers TV and many more.

Technical Specification:

Product Description : PCMCIA type II - Eurocam
Compatible with DVB-CI standard (EN50221)
Works with the set-top box (STB), or iDTV with CI Slot
Smart Card Interface: ISO781
Compatible with : Viaccess
Compatible with MPEG-2/MPEG-4
Plug and Play
Software Version: ACS 3873-
Based on the Embedded 32-bit CPU (ARM7TDMI)
Adopting advanced 0.18-micron technology
Flash Size: 2MB
RAM Size: 256KB
Operation voltage: 4.5V ~ 5.5V
Connector: 68-pin PCMCIA slot
Operation current: <150mA
Low power consumption: < 600mW
TS process bandwidth: Up to 96Mbps (200Mbps in theory)
Support OTA software upgrade
Secure Loader for more secure, stable and efficient software upgrade
Dimensions: Type II PCMCIA card (100mm x 58mm x 4mm)
Made by SMiT

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