Wisi DB 10 1006 TERR/BK antenna socket, stub socket

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The DB 10 1006 is a TER terminating outlet with filter. It has a small connection loss at TV as FM 0.5 / 1.5 dB. The housing has a very high stability and ensures high shielding (class A). Thanks to a flat design its space-saving architecture and IEC socket / plug, a secure connection is ensured.


Frequency range5...1006 MHz


Frequency range TV5...68/32...1006 MHz
Frequency range FM87,5...108 MHz
Insertion loss TV0.5 dB
Insertion loss FM1.5 dB
Decoupling TV-FM=20 dB
Return loss TVCat C
Return loss InputCat B
Return loss FMCat C


Outer conductor clamp7.5 mm
Inner conductor clamp0,8...1,3 mm
IEC socket1 pcs.
IEC-plug1 pcs.

General data

Screening factor (EMC)>85 dB (class A)
Dimensions (width x height x depth)70 x 70 x 22 mm
Installation depth35 mm

Sales unit10 pcs.
Dimensions (WxHxD) sales unit212 x 148 x 78 mm
Packaging volume sales unitdm³
Gross weight sales unit0.110 kg
Shipping unit100 pcs.
Dimensions (WxHxD) shipping unitmm
Packaging volume shipping package0.22 dm³
Gross weight shipping unit0.11 kg
Article number72326
Customs tariff number85291095

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