Wisi OL 72 0004 Active 4-way N-splitter

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Categoria: Optical feed systems

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Active 4-way splitter for the usage after wholeband LNB OL 15 0000. Subsequently installation of up to 4 electrical/optical converters OL 14 0000 possible. N-connectors. Power supply by OL 14 0000.

Note: OL 72 0004 only in combination with OL 15 0000

Frequency range950...5450 MHz
Insertion loss0 dB
Impedance50 O
Return loss9 dB
Noise figure22 dB
Isolation between any two outputs20 dB
Supply voltage6,2 V DC
Current consumption< 230 mA
Operating temperature range-30...+65 °C

Sales unit1 pcs.
Dimensions (WxHxD) sales unit66 x 162 x 32 mm
Packaging volume sales unitdm³
Gross weight sales unit0,61 kg
Shipping unit1 pcs.
Dimensions (WxHxD) shipping unitmm
Packaging volume shipping packagedm³
Gross weight shipping unitkg
Article number74376
Customs tariff number85447000

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