Wisi VX 88 0P In-house/distribution amplifier, locally supplied

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  • Zinc die-cast housing
  • Flap-lid for easy handling
  • Configuration of attenuators and equalizers via PADs and jumpers
  • Measuring points at the input and output
  • Return path amplifier on the circuit board
  • Low power consumption, high output level
  • Classification: KDG 1TS140 C (3.2)

Down-Stream / DS

Frequency range downstream85...1006 MHz
Gain downstream30 dB
attenuator downstream0...20 dB
equaliser downstream0...20 dB
interstage equalizer downstream0/6 dB
Output level 1100 dBµV
Noise figure downstream=7,0 dB

Upstream (US)

Frequency range upstream5...65 MHz
Gain upstream25 dB
attenuator upstream input0...20 dB
Equalizer US0/3/6/9 dB
noise figure upstream=5 dB
Output level120 dBµV
input test point (bidirectional)-20 dB
output test point (directional coupler)-20 dB

General data

Impedance75 O
Operating voltage230 V AC (± 10%, LED green)
Power consumption=5,5 W
Operating temperature range-20...+55 °C
Storage temperature-25...+75 °C
Protection classIP20
Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)EN50083-2
Lightning protection1 kV (EN60728-2:- 1,2/50 µs pulse)
Dimensions (width x height x depth)163x90x50 mm

Sales unit1 pcs.
Dimensions (WxHxD) sales unitmm
Packaging volume sales unitdm³
Gross weight sales unit0.726 kg
Shipping unitpcs.
Dimensions (WxHxD) shipping unitmm
Packaging volume shipping packagedm³
Gross weight shipping unitkg
Article number73395
Customs tariff number85437030

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