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Global Invacom FibreIRS® ODU32 KIT 2m HF Interconnect cable, PSU, weather proof boots for the FC/PC

The NEW FibreIRS ODU32 Kit includes all the FibreIRS equipment required, at the antenna location, to receive and transmit the digital IRS signals to 64 points. This kit is ideal if the plan is to transmit both terrestrial aerial and satellite dow...
319,00 EUR *
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Global Invacom FibreMDU OPTICAL LNB & PSU signals to 32 distribution Points

This innovative new design uses patented technology to frequency stack both horizontal and vertical polarities, creating a single IF frequency range of 950MHz - 5.45GHz. The newly created single band is then frequency modulated optically and outp...
129,00 EUR *
Available now!